BiennaleTV is a platform that will showcase different forms of media documenting the 4th Marrakech Biennale. Explore the souk and encounter rare behind-the-scenes images and footage of the artists building and speaking about their works. There are six monitors scattered in a concentrated area among different stalls in the historic Mouassine area of the Medina. To track them down, we have conveniently marked them on a map so that you, among other Biennale attendees and locals, can experience the festival in another unique environment.

Photo by Alia Radman

Locations have been carefully selected to expose local artisans as they practice their craftsmanship and boutiques that reflect the fusion of international cultures with Morocco. From herbalists, traditional lamps (qindils) to a women’s co-operative and the first bookseller of Marrakech, opened in 1941.

Each location is paired with a monitor that displays different moving image installations produced in collaboration with local students from the Cadi Ayad University film program, ECAM, and international artists, filmmakers, photographers and graphic designers.

For more information, check out our program & map that can be found at Riad el-Fenn and at each location, as well as here.

Project Coordinator: Alia Radman
Graphic Designer: Joe Condon
Photography: Joe Condon, Alia Radman & Pia Ribstein
Documentary: Tariq Abassor, Mohcine Afrani, Younes El Allaoui, Mohamed Amghari, Youssef Meziani, Khalid Moatamid, Lahcen Ouharouach
Translation: Pia Ribstein, Alya Sebti, Marie Merel

Sponsored by YouTUBE and organized by the Marrakech Biennale and ANIMUS.